Ministry With The Deaf

"The Deaf are one of the most overlooked and the least evangelized groups in the world with 98% Deaf people still waiting to hear John 3:16. Most Deaf have never seen a Bible story signed in their heart language. Most Deaf have never had anyone explain the Gospel to them. Most have no access to Scriptures. There is no complete Deaf Bible in the world. Most churches do not provide outreach to the Deaf community; therefore the Deaf have no real access to hear the salvation message. Deaf people are often abandoned, neglected and isolated, in their families, work places, and sadly even within the church.

  • Who We Are

    At Pure Heart we have a Ministry with the Deaf. “Jesus talked a lot about going to the least of these.” Deaf and Hard of hearing and Deaf-Blind and Deaf-low vision are welcomed here. Through qualified interpreters the messages are interpreted into American Sign Language (ASL). Our Ministry with the Deaf has a profound understanding of the Deaf culture, is fluent in ASL as well as English enabling not only outreach to the Deaf community but to other churches interested in starting their own ministry. We know more than just ASL! We also know PSE and SEE. Using tactile sign language or “live Braille” the Deaf- blind are also served. The ministry with the Deaf will also visit Deaf in hospitals, jails and prisons. They have also taught sign language classes to those in the church, so they can welcome new Deaf visitors and hold basic conversations. Deaf people often have other needs as well, so we try to connect them to the appropriate places so those needs can be met. We have a qualified CDI who answers these questions during the service so that the concepts are clear. At times, the CDI will relay interpret to match specific needs of a individual. All you have to do is ask! At Pure Heart, we truly have a “Heart for the Deaf”.

  • What We Offer

    • Hearing Assistance

    • Visitation Available

      Deaf and Hard of hearing who are sick, elderly, in assisted living, hospitals, shut ins, jails and prisons need visitation too. The Deaf are more isolated and ignored due to the language barrier and cultural differences. We strive to overcome those barriers. Many misunderstandings happen between the culturally Deaf and the hearing caretakers, which can often lead to neglect. We have successfully educated the hearing caretakers with a few basic signs and helped them identify cultural differences to better communicate and care. Our visitation makes a brighter day for those whom they visit. Upon request, we can also bring Service/Therapy Dogs that comfort and ease the stress of being lonely, sick or in need of a fur friend.


    • Prayer

      Prayer is offered in ASL, in person or via videophone. Please let us know if you need prayer in ASL.


    • ASL Bible Study

      The Bible is sometimes difficult for people to understand and that is even more true for the Deaf. By using ASL, the Deaf have equal access to the Bible. We have Deaf Bibles free of charge for those who are interested. Unfortunately, there is no complete Christian ASL Bible at this time, but we do have the complete New Testament. ASL Bible study helps in relieving the gap by omitting the English and incorporating ASL. It also provides discussion, questions and answers for the participants.


    • Interpreters In Student's Church

      Our children’s interpreters have graduated from Phoenix College and even work in an environment with Deaf students at a local school for the Deaf. They are familiar with the current signs Deaf students use as well as the signs Deaf Adults use. Because they are in an educational environment with students on a regular basis, they can communicate more effectively than those who are not involved with the educational process.


    • Mentoring and Tutoring

      Interested in becoming church interpreter? Those who have ASL skills either through a IPP or ITP program, Native signers such as K/CODA’s, those who have acquired advanced ASL and signing skills, we are here to help you take that next step! We provide free training and tutoring to those interested to integrate the Bible with accurate translation to ASL for full access to God’s word. Fluency is mandatory so the Deaf can understand the full message in their native ASL Language. Biblical concepts are crucial to understand. If the English word “run” has 147 different conceptual ASL signs, then you can understand why one – on - one mentoring is imperative in becoming proficient with Biblical vocabulary and ASL linguistics. If you desire to learn sign language, we have many opportunities in the community and local colleges to which we can refer you.


    • Outreach

      ASL interpreted services are available on our website: We volunteer in schools and throughout the community, working specifically with Deaf, hard of hearing, and Deaf-Blind. ASL events in the community where Deaf and Hearing can both be welcomed to engage in God’s word and develop a personal relationship with Jesus. We mentor and support local and distance churches to develop a quality ministry with the Deaf so they can effectively and skillfully reach the 98% of the Deaf community who are unsaved. It is vital to have a quality ministry because we usually only get one chance to reach out to a Deaf person who comes to a mainstreamed church. We teach Deaf Culture to the local and distant churches also, because if Deaf Culture is not included in the ministry, the chances of the Deaf person returning are significantly reduced. For more information email:


    • Referral Services - Deaf Focused

      Deaf people often have a different set of challenges compared to their hearing peers. We know exactly where to refer to get those needs fulfilled with Deaf professionals in many cases. If you need a culturally Deaf friendly referral for legal, counseling, health, contact us and we will be happy to provide some resources to start you on the right path. For more information email:


    • Interpreted Classes on Campus

      On our church campus we offer many classes, those classes can be equally accessed with a qualified sign language interpreter upon request. If you are interested in one of our on campus classes please let us know and we will try to provide for your needs. For more information email:


    • Deaf-Blind Services

      Individuals who are Deaf-blind are able to participate with worship and teachings at Pure Heart through, Tactile sign language for the culturally Deaf-blind and “Live Braille” for the deaf-blind who do not know tactile sign language. Transportation is available for Deaf-blind who wish to attend, prior arrangements must be made by email: Transportation to community Deaf-blind events are also available, prior arrangements must be made by email: Advocating for Deaf on personal and community levels is available as well as providing environments and resources for those desiring to learn ASL.


    • We Encourage Deaf Involvement and Volunteering

      There are different kinds of {spiritual} gifts; but {they are all from} the same Spirit. There are different ways to serve; but {all these ways are from} the same Lord. And there are different ways that God works in people; but {all these ways are from} the same God. God works in us all to do everything. (EVD)


      It is a vital to involve Deaf in church events and we encourage the Deaf to become involved in serving in our church and our community. Some opportunities include:


      • Pure Heart shuttle driver
      • Pure Heart Community Day (twice year) o Ushering
      • Small group leader


    • Small Group

      Small groups are culturally important in the Deaf community. We gather in homes or restaurants to meet and to support one another spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Often there are programs to “fix” things. We understand it is more than a program! It is not about “fixing”, instead, it is about building an environment where people can belong. For more information email:


Teaching Videos