Ministry With The Deaf

"The Deaf are one of the most overlooked and the least evangelized groups in the world with 98% Deaf people still waiting to hear John 3:16. Most Deaf have never seen a Bible story signed in their heart language. Most Deaf have never had anyone explain the Gospel to them. Most have no access to Scriptures. There is no complete Deaf Bible in the world. Most churches do not provide outreach to the Deaf community; therefore the Deaf have no real access to hear the salvation message. Deaf people are often abandoned, neglected and isolated, in their families, work places, and sadly even within the church.



At Pure Heart we have a Ministry with the Deaf. “Jesus talked a lot about going to the least of these.” Through qualified interpreters the messages are interpreted into American Sign Language (ASL). Our Ministry with the Deaf has a profound understanding of the Deaf culture, is fluent in ASL as well as English enabling not only outreach to the Deaf community but to other churches interested in starting their own ministry. Using tactile sign language, the Deaf-blind are also served. The ministry with the Deaf will also visit Deaf in hospitals, jails and prisons. They have also taught sign language classes to to those in the church, so they can welcome new Deaf visitors and hold basic conversations. Deaf people often have other needs as well, so we try to connect them to the appropriate places so those needs can be met. At Pure Heart, we truly have a “Heart for the Deaf”.



Teaching Videos